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Perforated Panel Designs

We have been working on setting up our showroom with examples of all of our panels, including the some of the designs in our perforated panel range on birch plywood. These are great to see in person as they really help to show how a design looks when it is cut into plywood. For example you can see below the difference between a rounded end and a square end on the horizontal slotted design.

While we only have a limited range of designs in the perforated panel range, the design options are endless and we are able to customise our perforated panels to suit any design.

Not sure where to start when designing perforated panels for your project? We have put together an easy 3 step design guide with helpful tips to make the design process stress-free. Download it here.

Please get in touch if you want to arrange a visit to see these in person or to discuss how we can bring your next project to life.

For more information about our perforated panel range click here.


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