We answer some of the most frequently asked questions below;

Q. Do you supply timber panels that we can install ourselves?

A. Yes! Our panels will be supplied with an installation manual which will explain the installation process. Alternatively we can put you in touch with our recommended installers, Wainwright Facades

​Q. What are the specifications of your timber panels?

A. You can find all of the specifications in our timber panels range brochure. Don't forget that all of our timber panels are customisable.

Q. We want some custom timber panels, is this something you can do?

A. Of course! All of our panels are made to order so we can customise the panels to your specific design.

Q. We aren't sure which timber species would be the best fit for our project. Can you help?

A. Check out our timber species guide for information about each of the timber species. Or you can contact us if you need help determining the best timber to use. 

Q. Can the timber panels be customised to be used as screens? 

A. Yes! Check out this project as an example. Get in touch to find out how we can help bring your design to life. 

Q. Can I customise the backing on the panel?

A. Our panels come with a standard black fabric backing but we often substitute the backing for an acoustic fleece to match architects specifications and we can also change the colour.

Q. Are the panels suitable to be used outside?

A. Yes, our panels can be used outside. We usually advise on a suitable finish option and backing changes to make sure that the panel will hold up to weather and conditions externally.

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