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We are a Canberra based company servicing all of Australia with prefabricated, design-flexible timber cladding panels. We have a range of designs to suit most projects, or we will work with you to ensure your design can come to life. 

With a strong environmental and community focus, Wellington Architectural seeks to ensure that sustainability considerations are integrated throughout our practice. Find out more about our sustainability commitment below.


As well as having a number of environmental advantages to other products, our timber panels are available in a wide range of styles, textures and finish options. All of our panels are manufactured with concealed fixings which enable architects, designers and contractors to create beautiful timber surfaces efficiently while minimising waste and installation time. 


We work with Wainwright Facades to supply and install our product on your project. Alternatively we offer supply only panels which you can arrange to be installed by your preferred installer. 

The design options for our panels are only limited by your imagination. We love new and interesting designs and would love to bring your next project to life. 

Pile of Logs


In an age where climate change and environmental credentials are important community values, Wellington Architectural is committed to using sustainably grown timber from certified Australian suppliers to manufacture our products. Certification of forest practices can help consumers make environmentally responsible purchasing decisions. A certification system provides independent verification that environmental and sustainable forestry standards are being met. Certifiers monitor and audit practices on a continual basis to ensure performance and compliance.


Our goal is to be more transparent with our supply chain and manufacturing processes. We are in the process of setting up our systems to achieve Chain of Custody (CoC) certification. This system will ensure that an effective management system is in place with records to support claims relating to the source of wood products and a training system that ensures key staff have appropriate skills and competencies to implement and control the CoC system.


We believe that these environmental credentials are integral in securing our future and helping to protect our environment for future generations.

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Blocks of Wood
Sunset Over Forest



Wellington Architectural sources all of our timber from two suppliers, Timberwood Panels and Timbeck Architectural.


Timberwood Panels is certified to FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council) Standards and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). Responsible forestry and use of forest resources, waste minimisation and pollution prevention are the principles underpinning Timberwood Panel’s environmental policy. Timberwood Panels is certified to maintain the chain of custody in the manufacturing of FSC® certified products and are committed to managing their entire operations in an environmentally responsible manner to ensure the protection of the environment for this and future generations.


Timbeck Architectural has formalised its commitment to sustainability with FSC® Chain of Custody certification. Timbeck’s total production is from sustainable sources, their company and staff are committed to the environmental and sustainability credentials emanating from the forests where their resources originate and are proud to be part of the chain which enables Certified Timber to be enjoyed by all.

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Helps to remove CO2 from the atmosphere through sustainable growth


Renewable Resource


Thermal and sound insulation properties

Uses less energy to produce than any other construction material

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