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Sculptural Timber Wrapped Building

The recently completed The Exchange in Darling Square, Sydney by Kengo Kuma features a unique sculpturally curving timber screen which wraps around the building. The wooden screen that is comprised of wooden “threads” that are wrapped around the building in an irregular pattern to give it a very different expression from the surrounding high-rise buildings. The timber strips filter through the natural light and provide a soft texture to the interior spaces.

Situated within a small urban pocket between rigid geometries and hard surfaces of surrounding high rise buildings, the timber offers a natural texture, organic and spontaneous, working in harmony with the square and merging into the landscape. The timber spiral shaped façade extends into the square to transform it into a pergola that provides shade in the square.

The Exchange serves as a multi-use community centre comprised of a public library, childcare, and commercial uses including a fresh food market and restaurants. The circular form reflects and promotes the vibrant and active neighbourhood of the Darling Square precinct.

Photography by Martin Mischkulnig

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