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External Applications of Timber

Have you thought about using our timber panels externally? Our timber cladding panels can be applied to surfaces horizontally or vertically or in a range of applications such as on soffits or around building columns, making our timber panels extremely versatile in a range of applications.

We share some examples of our timber panels being used externally below.

External Timber at 60 Marcus Clarke

1. At 60 Marcus Clarke St in Canberra we used the Epsilon Panel in Blackbutt with a clear Cutek Oil to clad the building columns and seating to match existing timber as part of a building upgrade.

Darling Square Display Office

2. Exterior cladding on a display office for the Darling Square development, a new urban neighbourhood in the heart of Sydney. We used a custom Epsilon Screen in Blackbutt finished with Cutek Oil Extreme.

Construction by Design Display Home

3. Exterior cladding for a display home by Construction by Design. We used the Epsilon Panel modified into a screen in Western Red Cedar finished with a clear lacquer.


4. The Yamaroshi building in Braddon features an angular facades with our custom Epsilon Panel in Blackbutt finished with clear Cutek Oil on the balcony soffits and the ground floor retail spaces and entries.


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